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Our organisation

Our Purpose and Priorities

Our Vision

We want the South of Scotland enterprise agency to be able to drive inclusive growth, increase competitiveness, and tackle inequality within the region. We want to establish the South of Scotland as a centre of opportunity, innovation and growth.

Our Mission

We will work with people and businesses in communities right across the South of Scotland to grow its economy by providing investment, expertise and mentoring. We’ll inspire the region to think bigger, and unlock significant opportunities for all

Our Values

Our four core values in which we will strive to follow are:

  • Be inclusive, supporting diverse thinking from diverse communities and businesses
  • Be responsible, to do what’s right for communities and the planet. To champion the South and all those who live there
  • Be bold, open minded and ambitious
  • Be striving, challenging ourselves to always be better

Supporting the South

The South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE) supports sustainable and inclusive growth across our region. In an area that is bursting with vibrant culture, great businesses, and diverse people, our role is to encourage and empower everyone. By uplifting our community, we will continue to make the South even stronger.

How will we help?

SOSE helps boost our region’s capacity and the potential of people and resources by:


Step 1


Playing an active role in supporting growth, bringing commerce and communities together, and streamlining their route to funding, markets, and success.


Step 2


Showcasing this incredible part of Scotland to the world and highlighting the people and businesses that help drive it.


Step 3


Supporting people and organisations that help the economy of the South of Scotland - no matter how big or small they are.


Step 4

Help and advice

Building and protecting relationships with communities and businesses, while ensuring access to any specialist services or advice they need.


Step 5

Your voice

Being a key partner between existing agencies in economic development and acting as the voice of the South.

Our approach

We will take a fresh, collaborative approach to developing our region - to the benefit of everyone in our community. If it happens in the South, it matters to us.

With a wealth of people, potential, and opportunity, SOSE champions the ideas that drive our region and the incredible advantages that help establish the South of Scotland as a powerful economic centre. We represent the South of Scotland at both a national level and international level, so that everyone can recognise the vast opportunities we offer and see the South as a top destination of choice.


Supporting our community is essential, and investment is a key aspect of driving growth. To complement the incredible advantages the South offers, we are committed to:

  • Helping new and established businesses across the South expand their reach, improve networks, access new markets, and strengthen cross-selling opportunities
  • Developing skills and talents to help benefit businesses, and making them even more attractive to national and international clients and consumers
  • Supporting innovative ideas that build success and enhance our reputation
  • Taking a fresh approach to economic development across the region.

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