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Accessing our information

We're serious about access to and protection of information. We want you to be able to access the information you need and be confident that your information is in safe hands. We will regularly publish a range of information that you can access to review our activities.


Operating Plan 2021/22

We are very proud of our achievements to date but are firmly focused on the future and our ongoing plans to listen, be innovative, different and deliver for the South of Scotland.

Annual Report and Accounts 

Our first ever annual report and accounts document has highlighted our significant efforts to support the region to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic in its first year.

As well as a range of crucial support to all sizes of businesses and community organisations - we also approved funding totalling around £28million to more than 620 businesses, organisations and community groups during 2020/2021.

The annual report and accounts are available to read.

Engagement Framework 

Our published Engagement Framework outlines how we will engage with you so you can help shape our plans, and collectively achieve our vision for the South of Scotland.  

State Aid 

We have extensive state aid powers and are legally obliged to publish information about our state aid schemes. Public assistance represents state aid if it provides an economic advantage to commercial undertakings and that advantage might affect international trade and competition. Find out more about our State Aid Schemes.


SOSE Grant Support  

Information about the financial support we have provided to businesses and organisations across South of Scotland. View the list of grants awarded from SOSE.


Pivotal Enterprise Resilience Fund

Covid-19 Grant Support  

We have administered over £12m of Scottish Government funding to almost 300 businesses across our region through the Pivotal Enterprise Resilience Fund (PERF) and Creative, Tourism and Hospitality Enterprises Hardship fund. View the PERF and Hardship recipients.


Information about procurement and how to do business with SOSE. Find out more. 

Senior Leadership Team Salary Information 

In line with Scottish Government guidelines we publish the name, pay grade and salary of our senior leadership team (equivalent to senior civil service grade 2 and above).  View the salary information here.

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Grant and Loan Terms & Conditions

To view our terms and conditions for grants and loans please click here.