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Who we are

South of Scotland Enterprise (also known as SOSE) launched officially on 1 April 2020 as the Economic and Community Development Agency for Dumfries and Galloway and Scottish Borders. 


We were established by the Scottish Government in recognition of the unique circumstances of the South of Scotland, and the need for a fresh approach to drive inclusive growth across the area.

The South of Scotland Enterprise Act 2019 was passed by Scottish Parliament in June 2019 and provides our legal framework.  

Interim Framework Document

Letter of Strategic Direction 2022/23 from Scottish Government 

Our Vision

We want to drive inclusive growth, increase competitiveness, and tackle inequality within the region. We want to establish the South of Scotland as a centre of opportunity, innovation and growth. Our 2021/22 Operating Plan can be viewed here. 

Our Mission

We will work with people and businesses in communities right across the South of Scotland to grow its economy by providing investment, expertise and mentoring. We’ll inspire the region to think bigger and unlock significant opportunities for all.

  • We are here to listen to you, as we have over the past two years as we established ourselves – and to do things differently, to take risks, and to put our fabulous region on the map and showcase the South of Scotland to the world.   
  • We will empower everyone to make the South of Scotland an even greater place to live, work, visit, learn and invest in. ‘Everyone’ means exactly that. As an individual, community, or business (of whatever size, structure or objective) - show us how you can help us to make that happen and we will work with you to achieve both our aims.
  • We will unlock the great potential of our people and our resources and we will do it in a locally responsive way by truly bringing a fresh approach to making things happen in the South. 
  • We will work with whoever we need to in order to provide a single and unified voice to champion our great region on the national stage. 
  • We will highlight our key issues and make sure the South of Scotland is able to make the most of our opportunity to be in greater control of our own future.

Our Values

Our four core values are embedded in everything we do. These are to:

  • Be inclusive, supporting diverse thinking from diverse communities and businesses
  • Be responsible, to do what’s right for communities and the planet. To champion the South and all those who live there
  • Be bold, open minded and ambitious
  • Be striving, challenging ourselves to always be better.

How are we different? 

We don’t just say we’re different – we are different. We are the first of Scotland’s public agencies whose legislation promotes a wider view on the economy and how it impacts all we do.  Jobs are important to us but so are communities and the environment.  We want to make sure that everyone, no matter who and where they are, has an opportunity to fulfil their ambitions.

We are also one of the first to have ‘Fair work’ running through all of our activities. How we treat people matters to us and we want to ensure that this runs through our region too.  We are here and able to listen first-hand to what businesses, communities, and individuals need and then respond. 

one employee in front of a Stenaline ferry

Uplifting the South of Scotland

We have the chance to take this opportunity with both hands and put our region on the map. Collectively our region will flourish and the future will be brighter than it ever has been.

We are here to stay. We are here IN the South, FOR the South and WITH the South.

The time is now for the South of Scotland.