Powering Change – maximising future energy opportunities

Powering Change - calling the South of Scotland to action was launched in March 2021 is the result of six months of extensive work by the South of Scotland Enterprise-established Energy Transition Group, which brought together a diverse range of partners and expertise across the public, private, education and third sectors. 

During this time, the group gathered key themes and a series of future actions which it sees as crucial to ensuring the region benefits economically and socially from Scotland’s move to net-zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045.

The call to action sets a clear vision for 2045, with South of Scotland Enterprise asking all organisations to work with them to turn the plan into a reality and ensure the region takes up the opportunity to lead the way on this vital issue.

Key themes and key actions

  • Leadership and alignment – working together to take the action required, maximising the opportunities offered to the South of Scotland that come from the investment in the Borderlands Energy Masterplan
  • Decarbonising heat and travel together – looking at future energy requirements as a whole and taking forward geographic pilot projects to model future demand and grid capacity enhancement in key locations in the South of Scotland
  • Transmission and distribution – recognising what increased demand for green energy will mean and exploring planning and regulation processes to streamline grid upgrades
  • Green jobs and supply chains – ensuring local businesses are aware of the scale of opportunity and able to respond to those opportunities, creating local wealth
  • Education and skills – getting people ready now to responding to the skills needs that a career in the industry will require
  • Communities – championing the opportunities across communities so they can make the decisions required to help them benefit from affordable green power

Who is the Energy Transition Group?

Participants of the Energy Transition Group include:

  • South of Scotland Enterprise
  • Scottish Government
  • Borders College
  • Dumfries and Galloway College
  • National Grid
  • Skills Development Scotland
  • Nature Scot
  • Local Energy Scotland
  • SP Energy Networks
  • Energy Systems Catapult
  • Dumfries and Galloway Council
  • Scottish Borders Council