SOSE staff bolstering its focus on digital development and Fair Work

South of Scotland Enterprise raises the bar on Fair Work and Digital Development

South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE) has made three key appointments to bolster its focus on digital development and Fair Work. 

Ben Campbell has been appointed to lead on Digital Development and to drive SOSE’s presence and impact in ensuring the South of Scotland speeds towards its goals of digital excellence and inclusion. 

Ben joined SOSE in the autumn of last year after a long and successful career with BT Group and Openreach, then a sabbatical to travel with his family overland to the Tokyo Olympics only to be halted by the Covid Pandemic. 

Ben Campbell is delighted to be taking up the role and commented:

“Digital skills and infrastructure are critical to any region but even more so in a rural setting.  I would like the South of Scotland to earn a reputation for digital excellence which makes it a magnet for attracting talent, opportunity, and investment.  There is huge potential here which can help the region thrive through digital adoption and innovation.” 

SOSE have also made two critical appointments in Fair Work. Sandra Campbell will take up the post of Fair Work Development Manager, and Seonaid Mann will take up the role of Fair Work Programme and Equalities Manager. 

Both Sandra and Seonaid currently work in SOSE. Sandra is well known in the business world in the South of Scotland (she is currently a Business Development Specialist for SOSE) and she will be working with organisations to build their awareness and development of Fair Work practices.  

Seonaid will work with SOSE’s Shadow Workers’ Interest Committee, headed by Scotmas’ CEO and SOSE Board member Alistair Cameron, to develop and implement the strategy and to raise awareness and knowledge in schools, colleges and other key players. Seonaid will also run the critical equalities programme for SOSE. 

Sandra Campbell said: “I’ve worked in a number of organisations in the South of Scotland and am really excited by the opportunities we have to develop our skills and people in the region and to make sure that we create and sustain new jobs that are fulfilling, well rewarded and secure.” 

Seonaid Mann said: ‘We’re at the start of the Fair Work journey and with Fair Work set in SOSE’s legislation we’ve got a responsibility and opportunity to trailblaze for the region. Like Sandra, I’m excited and looking forward to getting started. Equality of opportunity is key in Fair Work and everything we do and being able to lead across both projects offers the chance to make it easy for clients to join the journey.” 

Jane Morrison-Ross, CEO of SOSE, summed up: “Ben, Sandra and Seonaid are taking up their roles having already worked in SOSE and developing our own talent in this way mirrors what we want to do across the South of Scotland. Digital Development, Fair Work and Equalities are vital planks in our strategy, and I know that they are in good and safe hands with this team.”