SOSE Board and Youth Advisory Forum Members

SOSE Board meets with SOSE Youth Advisory Forum

Our Youth Advisory Forum and Board recently met for an exciting evening of breakout sessions, one-to-ones and the opportunity to learn more about each of their roles.

The two groups spent at evening at Moat Brae in Dumfries getting to know each other, which included:

  • A session delivered by the Board to demonstrate what is expected of them
  • What their duties tend to look like on a weekly basis
  • A session on the work of the Youth Advisory Forum
  • What the Youth Advisory Forum has achieved so far. 

This was a great chance for our Youth Advisory Forum members put their growing confidence and skillsets to use and shine a light on the brilliant work they've been doing.

It was also an opportunity for the Board Members to start working more closely with the Forum itself. 

So far, our Youth Advisory Forum members have worked with a range of SOSE staff and external partners on topics including the measuring of success of the Regional Economic Strategy, skills provision in Dumfries and Galloway, and the European Lunar Symposium.

They have also undertaken a four-week training programme to help increase their confidence and resilience both at work and in their personal lives. 

What is the SOSE Youth Advisory Forum?

The SOSE Youth Advisory Forum aims to give us a better understanding of the economic issues impacting young people in the South of Scotland.

Here at SOSE, we feel it’s essential for the voice of young people to be considered during decision-making processes so that we can work towards building a better future for the South of Scotland and those living within it.   

We will soon be seeking new members to expand the Forum. To learn more about the Youth Advisory Forum and what you will gain from taking part or to register your interest to join, visit its dedicated page on our website by clicking here.