Rethink Carbon a climate technology start up to bring its innovative platform to market

SOSE supports launch of innovative climate technology platform

South of Scotland Enterprise has supported a climate technology start up to accelerate the development and launch of its ground-breaking product. 

The support empower Rethink Carbon to bring its innovative platform to market and revolutionise the way land managers make informed and sustainable decisions for nature, climate and communities.

Funding was secured from South of Scotland Enterprise and CENSIS Technology Solutions (CTS) - the commercial arm of Scotland's Innovation Centre for sensing, imaging and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

The funding will also support the final development stages of the platform, with plans to launch the product in late 2023.

What will Rethink Carbon's new product aim to do?

  • Rethink Carbon will work with the Langholm Initiative Community Development Trust in the South of Scotland as a pilot site to test their new platform.
  • In addition, a series of land management seminars will be held in the South of Scotland providing farmers, estate managers and community groups with a user-friendly and accessible tool to enhance their decision-making processes and increase carbon capture and storage.
  • By leveraging advanced technology, the platform enables land managers to visualise and analyse various land use options, assisting them in making informed choices that benefit the environment and communities.

Idea emerged from CivTech Challenge

Rethink Carbon’s new platform emerged following a CivTech Challenge in 2021 which aimed to find an innovative technological solution to tackling climate change through land use.

The challenge was co-sponsored by:

Dr Martin Valenti, Director of Net Zero at South of Scotland Enterprise, said:

“As the global nature and climate crisis deepens, it is becoming increasingly critical that we make best use of our natural resources such as our land.

"Land managers and owners face difficult choices especially which is why South of Scotland Enterprise has decided to support Rethink Carbon who are developing smart technology system that can help identify sustainable options.”

Paul Winstanley, director of CTS, said:

“How we use our land is going to be a key part of Scotland, and the UK’s, journey towards net zero. Rethink Carbon has developed a novel way of empowering land managers with the information they need to look at how the decisions they make today affect the future, doing as much as possible to capture and store carbon. We look forward to seeing how the company uses this funding to further develop its offering, particularly for land managers and owners in the south of Scotland. It is a great example of how technology can be used for highly positive environmental and social purposes, with widespread commercial potential.”

Mark Caulfield, CEO of Rethink Carbon, added:

“Securing this substantial funding marks a game-changing moment for us and for future-looking land managers.

"Our cutting-edge platform stands ready to revolutionise land management decisions, championing sustainability and informed choices.

"Harnessing the potential of nature-based solutions against climate change is not a dream - it's an actionable goal, and with the right tools, it's within our grasp.

"The future is sustainable, and with Rethink Carbon, it's closer than ever.”