Berwickshire visitor attraction

Berwickshire visitor attraction receives SOSE funding boost for ambitious development plans

We have pledged £310,000 to support the initial phase of an ambitious development programme for Paxton House and Estate.

Our support for Paxton Trust will assist the first phase of the programme focusing on improvements to their visitor accommodation, with an extension to their current walled garden caravan park and improvements to its on-site service facilities. 

Rated by VisitScotland as four-star visitor status, Paxton House is a popular visitor attraction in eastern Berwickshire attracting tourists and locals, with the grounds and visitor accommodation particularly well used during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The caravan park had 100% occupancy over the summer of 2021 as visitors flocked to rural areas to enjoy the Scottish Borders.  

At present, the caravan park offers 15 motor home pitches, but with our funding support, a further 15 pitches will be created – doubling the site’s current capacity.

Increased capacity and improvements to the caravan park is also expected to benefit Berwickshire’s other attractions, providing tourists with a high standard of accommodation, encouraging them to stay longer and explore more of the area.

Paxton House Business Manager, Hermione Hoffmann, said:

 “Our Walled Garden Caravan Park has always been popular with couples and families.  Paxton offers the benefit of being a highly accessible location but also offers an attractive setting as well as the opportunity to enjoy all the wonderful aspects of the landscape and heritage of Paxton Estate.

“We are thrilled that SOSE is supporting the Trust with funding and we are able to realise the initial development of the caravan park.

“It will provide a much-enhanced experience for our visitors using the caravan park. 

“Our contractors are currently mobilising on site, so we hope to be ready and open for the spring visitor season.”

SOSE has also been working with Ms Hoffman and the Paxton Trustees to consider other development opportunities for the House and Estate.

The Trust has ambitious plans for the future of the House and has identified another six key areas of development, which have the potential to transform Paxton as a major visitor destination for the South of Scotland.

Jane Morrison-Ross, Chief Executive of SOSE, said:

“Paxton House is an important and popular attraction for both tourists and the local Berwickshire community alike – and as such, it is fantastic that SOSE can play a part in Paxton Trust’s ambitious regeneration plans.

“Having quality accommodation for visitors in the South of Scotland to stay in is hugely important to increasing tourism and promoting the culture and heritage of our region.

“As such, we hope our support for the extension and enhancement of the caravan park at Paxton House will prove beneficial not only to the attraction, but also to Berwickshire as a whole.”