Green Heat Hub Grand Challenge launched

Green Heat Hub Grand Challenge launched to find Net Zero solutions

A Green Heat Hub Grand Challenge has been launched to encourage innovation around the green heat solutions of the future, from heat pumps to battery technology, that will lead to the creation of a centre and focal point for collaboration.

The project invites consortia groups across industry, academia and the third sector to submit proposals for a Green Heat Hub that will position Scotland as the leading location in Europe for green heat manufacturing and Stage one pre-proposal applications are open until 18 November.

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You can find out more about getting involved by clicking here.

Demand for greener heating is rising and decarbonising heat is a key priority in achieving net zero targets worldwide to address the climate emergency, with heating accounting for more than 40% of global CO2 emissions according to the World Economic Forum.

The Green Heat Hub Grand Challenge is being led by Scottish Enterprise, with support from South of Scotland Enterprise, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and the Scottish Government. 

What will the project look to do?

  • Develop a centre for collaboration for companies and customers
  • Act as a window of green heat solutions of the future
  • Anchor companies in Scotland through support for their growth ambitions
  • Provide a focal point for inward investors and drive industry leadership

Potential of heat pumps

Recent announcements across Europe have shown billions of pounds invested in manufacturing heat pumps to meet the increasingly growing market and UK innovation agency NESTA has produced a report showing that heat pumps could be greener and cheaper in Scotland.

Energy transition consultants at Delta EE have noted that 2021 was the most successful year for domestic heat pump sales in Europe and this trend is set to continue and highlights the growing demand for green heat solutions.

Net Zero by 2045

Scotland is committed to reduce emissions by 75% by 2030 and to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2045. Heat accounts for 52% of Scotland's energy demand and is the single largest source of carbon emissions in Scotland - at around 41%.

At least £33 billion of investment will be needed to meet Scotland’s 2045 target. The Scottish Government has kick-started investment in this transition with £1.8 billion of capital funding over the next 5 years.

By 2030, it's estimated that 28,000 jobs could be created by the shift towards low carbon heating, with net additional jobs of 16,400.

Zero Carbon Buildings Minister Patrick Harvie

“It is vital that we cut emissions from our homes and buildings to deliver on our climate obligations.

"We can do this in two ways: installing more green heating systems and improving energy efficiency.

"It is an enormous task, and one that will require us to, collectively, find ways to increase the pace and scale of progress whilst ensuring we get the transition right for every community.

“If we invest wisely, it will be good for the planet, good for energy bills, and also a substantial opportunity for our economy.

"We need champions within industry to grasp hold of this opportunity and I look forward to the Green Heat Hub Grand Challenge inspiring further innovation and collaboration to help ensure Scotland is at the centre of the green heat revolution."