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Crichton Campus Leadership Group celebrates 10th anniversary with new Statement of Ambition

The Crichton Campus Leadership Group has celebrated its 10th anniversary with a new Statement of Ambition, outlining its four key priorities which aim to ensure Scotland’s most multi-institution academic campus is a global destination.  

The new Statement of Ambition is available to view here.  

The Crichton in Dumfries is home to five educational institutions which operate alongside over 120 other private, public and Third Sector organisations – presenting unrivalled opportunities for wider collaboration and knowledge exchange. 

What is the Crichton Campus Leadership Group?

The partnership group was set up in 2013 to help facilitate a shared understanding of the education, skills and training needs of Dumfries & Galloway. 

Ten years on, the partnership is now seeking to use its new Statement of Ambition to highlight the opportunities available on the Campus and the potential transformational impact it can have on Dumfries and Galloway’s economy, people and communities – contributing to a greener, fairer and flourishing South of Scotland.   

The Crichton Campus Leadership Group – who were joined by Minister for Higher and Further Education Graeme Dey in August 2023 to mark its 10th anniversary - will focus on four priority areas through the new Statement of Ambition: 

  • Sustaining and growing equitable and accessible learning opportunities 

  • Student experience 

  • Increasing research capacity and knowledge exchange 

  • Business innovation and collaboration 

Who is in the Crichton Campus Leadership Group?

The partnership comprises of the five tertiary educational institutions:

Other members of the partnership include:

The Crichton Campus Leadership Group’s Chair, Dame Barbara Kelly, said:  

“There can be no doubt that the regeneration of the Crichton is the most important development in Dumfries and Galloway in recent times, bringing with it the promise of crucial economic, social and cultural benefit for the wider community of south west Scotland. 

“I passionately believe that the Crichton can bring significant benefits and wellbeing to the community. 

“The Crichton is at the forefront of innovation in the scoping and delivery of education, skills and training. 

“The magnificent environment and diverse study options are attracting local, national and international students, researchers and academics. 

“Despite the challenges of Brexit, COVID and the Ukraine War, the Crichton is an economic success story which I believe can deliver even more over the next ten years.”