SOSE's Creative Informatics Challenge

Funding of up to £20,000 available to solve SOSE's Creative Informatics Challenge

We are looking for creative and cultural organisations to put themselves forward to solve a Creative Informatics Challenge.

Funding of £20,000 is available to develop a platform or mechanism that will allow participants engaging in creative and cultural activities to give feedback on their experience in a fun and engaging way. 

We are looking for a solution that can visualise the data collected in a creative and stimulating fashion.

How will process work?

  • Their first step will be to work with a Challenge Respondent to define their Index of Wellbeing, which we and other organisations can use in a consistent manner.
  • For example, we envisage that the Index of Wellbeing may be a dataset of five to eight areas of questioning that can then be interpreted to provide an output.
  • This will provide the basis for collecting feedback from audiences at creative and cultural events such as visits to museums, galleries or performances.

What we are hoping to achieve

Finding a solution to this challenge would enable us to increase their understanding of the impact that creativity and culture have on individual wellbeing, providing a consistent and collaborative approach for measuring wellbeing impact, and strengthening their focus on the wellbeing economy.

A successful solution would also allow the creative and cultural sector to demonstrate the social value of their activity and not just economic impact.

How do I get involved?

You can apply now, with the deadline Friday 11 February at 5pm. 

We welcome applications from individuals, organisations, or partnerships that have the skills to address this challenge.

If you are interested in applying you can also come along to Challenge Holder Q&A 1, taking place online on Wednesday 19 January at 9.30am.