Beacon Business Net Zero Accelerator programme inspires local companies to take action

Six businesses in the South of Scotland have benefitted from a pathfinder programme aimed at helping them to realise the economic opportunities which moving towards Net Zero can provide.

It is hoped the stories from the businesses who took part in the 12 month Beacon Businesses Net Zero Nation Accelerator Programme will help inspire other companies to embark on their own sustainability journeys and realise the benefits of doing so.

The programme, which gave focused support to the chosen businesses to deliver their Net Zero plan, began last year and was completed in early 2024.

It was delivered by Net Zero Nation, and funded by South of Scotland Enterprise. 

Beacon Businesses

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Jas P Wilson





Whatever stage you are at on your Net Zero journey, SOSE can work together with you to support your aims, and identify opportunities.

Get in touch with SOSE at www.southofscotlandenterprise.com or call 0300 304 88 88.

Phil Robinson, Continuous Improvement and Net Zero Manager at Jas P Wilson said:

“The Beacon Business Net Zero Accelerator Programme has been incredibly important to us.

“We have got people on board now who can help us with our Net Zero journey – it has been really comforting and reassuring to have that in place.

“It has also been great to take part in the programme alongside other enthusiastic, like-minded businesses who are all trying to achieve the same goal - we will keep that communication going.

“SOSE is the glue that brings all of that together – they have been really supportive with our Net Zero Journey.

“We have had lots of advice and guidance from them to keep us on a firm footing and make sure we are on the right track.”

Dawn Robson-Bell, Managing Director of Lochcarron of Scotland said:

“It was great to have a programme that was available to us to learn more about the bigger picture.

“One of the challenges we have come across is how to measure our carbon reduction. We can, for example, measure the tonnage of wool that we’re converting and then reusing, but we don’t know what that means.

“It has been really beneficial to understand, through the Beacon Business Net Zero Accelerator programme, how we can measure what we are doing in terms of our carbon output.”

Martin Valenti, SOSE’s Director of Net Zero, Nature & Entrepreneurship added:  

“The six businesses who took part in the Beacon Business Net Zero Accelerator programme were selected specifically because we knew they are committed to making positive changes, and they understood the importance of doing so.

“We also know their stories can shine a light, and inspire others, to take action.

“We would encourage any business looking for help to start or make progress on their own Net Zero journey to get in touch with SOSE.”

Net Zero Nation’s CEO Gavin Tweedie said:

“A year on, it is great to see the continued commitment of these beacon businesses who have chosen to continue into year two of the Net Zero Accelerator programme to deeply embed Net Zero in the core of their business.

“The beacon companies have discovered that an investment in Net Zero is an investment in the business, and helps to increase efficiencies, drive profitability and attract the future workforce.

“As a result it will help make their brand more credible, trusted by the market and the business more investable.”