Are you a business start-up or developing an idea?

If you’re a business start-up or budding entrepreneur in the South of Scotland, SOSE is here to help you. We work closely with our partners in Business Gateway to offer expert business support to people throughout Dumfries & Galloway and the Scottish Borders, including training, mentoring, market advice and strategic planning.

Are you already an experienced business owner? Or just getting started on your journey? Either way, you’ll find useful, up-to-date resources to help get your project off the blocks. Every business is different, so our approach is tailored to you.

Take a look at SOSE services and free training courses as a first step, then get in touch.

When the journey started, I had no idea how big it would become.

David Burgher, VR-EP


Every business journey starts somewhere! SOSE offers free online and in-person training for new entrepreneurs with Business Gateway and other providers. Courses cover business planning, bookkeeping, digital and marketing, to update your skills and give you a strong foundation to build on. Check out training here. Whether you’re brand new to business, or already experienced, get in touch to book a chat with a SOSE adviser.