SOSE invites innovative thinkers to take up CivTech energy efficiency and cycling challenges

Innovative ideas are sought by South of Scotland Enterprise to solve two challenges which aim to improve the lives of people across the region.

As part of the Scottish Government’s CivTech 7 programme, SOSE has sponsored two challenges focussed on energy efficiency and cycling infrastructure, which are open to anyone to apply to.

If successful, the individual, team or company would then be given a 100% funded contract to develop their idea further into a product.

Interesting parties should visit  for more information.

The energy efficiency challenge 

  • With energy bills rising fast, SOSE’s first sponsored CivTech 7 Challenge is particularly relevant, as the agency aims to find out how technology can help places, communities and households understand their energy needs and work with local suppliers to create sustainable energy solutions.
  • A collective, co-ordinated and sustained effort is needed to address the challenge of energy prices. At the same time, there is a critical need to decarbonise energy in order to reduce carbon emissions in the South of Scotland, with homes and workplaces accounting for around a fifth of total greenhouse gases.
  • As a result, SOSE wants to take action to improve information flow between individuals, communities, places and businesses to stimulate the supply chain. 
  • Key to this will be creating a technology solution which allows communities to understand their energy demands and options for energy efficiency and decarbonisation.

The cycling infrastructure challenge

  • SOSE’s cycling challenge poses the question how technology can stimulate demand for cycling infrastructure and support South of Scotland communities.
  • SOSE and partners want to see cycling become the most popular choice for shorter everyday journeys and embedded into the daily fabric of the lives of local residents and visitors.  
  • Active travel improves health and wellbeing of places and people and will play a vital role in reducing our carbon emissions and delivering our societal commitments to reach net zero targets.
  • A safe and connected network of cycle paths is needed to connect to towns, villages, schools, places of work and travel hubs, with SOSE believing prioritising infrastructure investment in cycle paths will lead to wide-spread behavioural change.
  • This investment would support people from all walks of life to access services, education and employment opportunities. Unlocking the power of the bike will support the South’s residents in a just transition to Net Zero.

SOSE is looking for new solutions which can enable a modal shift in rural areas, and provide associated environmental and health benefits.

Both challenges are co-sponsored with Censis.

Jane Morrison-Ross, Chief Executive of SOSE

“SOSE is delighted to once again be part of the CivTech programme and to be playing an active role in bringing technological innovation to the South of Scotland.

“Both challenge themes – energy and cycling - are priorities for SOSE and the South which offer huge potential for our region. Each offers a fantastic opportunity for tech companies to secure a 100% funded contract to explore innovative and ground-breaking ideas.

“Technological innovation has the ability to make people’s lives better, which is why SOSE last year became the first enterprise agency in Scotland to agree a strategic partnership with CivTech.

“I would encourage anyone interested to visit the CivTech website, which has lots of information on each of our Challenges.”